White silkie

Someone once asked if silkies are bred for sweetness.  While I suspect it’s partly a by-product of all the handling and cuddling they get, there’s certainly some historic basis.  In the 1888 Illustrated Book of Poultry under the silkie description it mentions that silkies are “used for [their] kind temperment for pheasants breeding and in aviaries.”  The silkied feather characteristic was noted as early as 380 BC when Aristotle described them as “fowls…which are white in color or black and have hair like cats.”  So as you can see, silkies have been making the news for a very long time!

white and blue silkie chicks

It is our opinion that silkies are an excellent addition to almost any flock.  Pretty princesses are happy to decorate the lawns of urban chicken keepers, wowing their neighbors and providing delicious fresh eggs.  If roosters are allowed, they make easy keepers who aren’t too loud or aggressive.  In fact, most silkie owners find the boys to be the best cuddle-bugs!

splash silkie rooster

In the barnyard silkies may require a little extra care, although buying less show-worthy birds with smaller crests and lightly feathered feet may help them navigate the challenges of foraging with a mixed flock.  Here silkies are best appreciated for providing well-mannered roos who won’t rake up the girls or pick fights, and sweet broody girls who make excellent moms.  In fact, silkies have a reputation for being able to hatch anything, even sitting out the extra week of brooding required for guineafowl and other birds with a 28 day incubation period.

blue silkie hen with white and splash chicks broody mom

We keep silkies in Black, Blue, Splash, Buff, White, Lavender (self blue), and Paint.

Read more about silkie genetics and breeding colors here.

We have spent countless hours collecting our silkies and working on our lines.  We are grateful to include in our parent lines birds from Barb Grubb (Cedar Creek), Jack Ferguson, Aimee Crego, Karen Larson (Catdance), and Bobbi Porto (Indigo Egg).  We love our birds, and love working to improve our understanding of show standards and silkie genetics to breed for the very best qualities in our lines!

Check out our for sale page to see what chicks, birds and eggs we have available.  You can also shoot us an email or like our FB page to be kept in the loop on any silkie news.  If you’re new to raising silkies, we have a FREE pdf available with a few tips!

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